Black Charities Are Being Funded To Fail

“A lot of black, Asian and minority ethnicity-led (BAME) charities and social enterprises are funded to fail,” said Ugo Ikokwu, 37, on what he has learned in more than a decade of working with non-profits.

Research from the Ubele Initiative, an African diaspora social enterprise, revealed in April that 87% of BAME-led small organisations responding to Covid-19 were at risk of permanent closure within three months. This compares to 10% of the charity sector as a whole.

Campaign group #CharitySoWhite has found that 65% of BAME-led community groups run on an average turnover of less than £10,000 a year. It means these groups, “already hit hard from decades of under funding, also often have less access to resources, time and staff,” according to the Diversity Forum social investment scheme. They are also less able to promote themselves to fundraisers, the forum says. 

Without these small organisations, the Ubele Initiative estimated as many as 20,000 vulnerable people could be left without vital support amid the pandemic. 

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