Webinar: How to write an effective bid application

The year started strong, with our webinar session on ‘How to write an effective bid application’ on the 27th of March. This was a free event, and open to charities across the UK allowing for charities not based in London to also benefit from the session

We were joined by Julie Eason, a member of the Institute of Fundraising and experienced fundraiser. She has held several Director of Fundraising roles and raised millions for the charities she works for. Julie has worked in numerous roles before she began consulting in 2014. She recently designed and funded a project that won the Charity Times Award for best use of technology in 2017.

During this webinar, Julie listed some dos and don’ts on how to write a winning bid which was useful to charities who may not have applied for funding before. She also touched on how organisations should refer back to their own good practices and ensure they are not only implementing them but also compliant to the wider charity regulations.

Her reference to case studies and use of examples in particular went down great with our listeners. It was a 90 min webinar followed by a question and answer session, which was quite informative and interactive.

Feedback from our participants -

“So useful and comprehensive- thank you! Definitely looking forward to other events perhaps on something related like how to write a project plan/ or a strategic plan, also maybe a session where we work on a snappy and impactful fundraising strap line.”

“I'm interested in any events that will help us to run and get funding for our charity more effectively” while another mentioned “It was really good to be fair”

It would be great to get feedback from attendees who later went onto to put bid writing into practice. What was beneficial? Did you have any hurdles signing up and dialling in?

If you missed out, you can always catch up via our recording which is available here:

To get in touch with Julie, you can visit her website:


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