Foundation leader criticises sector response to BAME community

We are three months into the most challenging situation to ever face philanthropy and the not for profit sector in the UK, and yet astonishingly very few funds seem to have actually reached BAME communities – the most disproportionally affected by Covid- 19.

Which begs the question, why?

Why have the majority of foundations been slow to deliver resources, funding and support to the communities most in need. We have seen gestures of support such as the one from London Funders, but this has not been translated, on the whole, into many new grants or funding.

The key issues seem to be:

  • Intellectualising and Procrastination

  • Lack of Expertise

  • Problematising

  • Voice and Representation

To read the full blog and find out what their four-step guide to getting funds out to BAME communities are click here


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