Getting Schools Back on Track Grant

The Getting Schools Back on Track grant has been designed to help ease the pressures that have been placed on all families during the pandemic. Getting children back to school in September is a priority not only for learning needs but to also enable parents to go back to work. We know that for many families whilst returning to school is a huge positive it will potentially create extra costs at a time when are struggling to afford the basics, never mind any extra’s. Asda Foundation is committed to supporting those families who need our help.

Is my group eligible for a grant?

To be eligible to apply for a grant, your group must be one of the following:

  • A Charity

  • A Not for Profit Company

  • A Community Interest Company (CIC)

  • An Unincorporated Club or Association

How to apply?

  • To apply for an Asda Foundation Grant, you must complete an application form. There are two different application forms, one for groups who are Government Entity organisations, and another for groups who are Non-Government Entities.

  • The application forms are available from your local Asda store - ask for your local Community Champion

When to apply?

Applications are open from 19th August until 15th November 2020.

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