Meet the Funders 2019

All Ways Network hosted another wonderful success event. Grassroots not-for-profit organisations met mainstream leading funders at the Osmani Centre on Tuesday 26th November 2019.

Feedback from charities:

"This was a very well organised event and very helpful"
"Great to have these events and lovely to meet funders and build connections"
"Would normally not attend these events but it was specifically for Muslims so we came"

Funders in attendence:

  • Amal Said Foundation

  • City Bridge Trust

  • Clothworkers' Foundation

  • London Catalyst Trust

  • National Lottery Heritage Fund

  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation

  • Vision Foundation

Small Charities Coalition discussed their services to charities.

Qawah Club ( provided everyone their special coffee range setting them apart from other brands.

AWN would love to thank everyone attended and especially to our volunteers including Rooful Ali ( for the photographs.


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