The Step Change Fund

The Step Change Fund is provided and administered by Oxfordshire Community Foundation as part of its investment in the local charitable sector. The aim is to make the sector stronger and more sustainable so that it can better deal with the social problems that Oxfordshire Community Foundation wants to address.

Grants for local charities to support projects that can demonstrate realistic plans for increasing reach and impact and for building longer-term resilience for the future.

Amounts available: £10,000–£50,000 in the first instance, with the possibility of further funding up to £25,000 for follow-on projects

Group annual income: Minimum £75,000, maximum £750,000; total grants will be capped at £75,000 and will not normally be greater than 30% of the applicant’s annual income, should this be less

Type of cost: Mergers, systems/premises upgrades, training, marketing or research

Timescales: Spending can be planned over a year or more

Next closing date: Wednesday 30th September at midday

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