Women's Aid: Impact of Covid-19

Women's Aid, a grassroots federation org, share evidence briefings on the impact of Covid-19 on survivors and services.

As we have been hearing, the rise in domestic violence and abuse has been on the rise since the lockdown. These 2 separate findings from the survivors and their children perspective, and service providers which was taken between 30th March and 6th April 2020.

67.4%* of survivors said the abuse had gotten worse since covid-19. (*The Impact of Covid-19 on survivors)

It’s hell on earth living 24/7 now with my abuser & can’t get out to escape, [to] put distance between us when I feel tension rising.
More time at home magnifies the issues, you can't get away from it, I have to work harder to keep him happy

For service providers, 84.4%* have had to reduce or cancel one or more of their services due to Covid-19 (*The impact of Covid-19 on domestic abuse support services)

Refuge staff are lone working due to office space being small for safe social distancing.

We are not offering specific counselling around trauma eg memory reprocessing etc. This is deemed not safe to do if we are just talking on the phone we cannot see how a client is reacting etc

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